Property Mortgage Redemption (Outside real estate development areas)

Mortgage services include the registration of a mortgage or security on land and real estate units for the purpose of preserving rights, transferring, substituting, adding, extending or modifying the terms of the mortgage contract or raising the pledge of title on the land or mortgaged property.

access_time Time to Complete 30
tag_img Service Fee: AED 1000 for Property under mortgage

Process Description

Service delivery procedure:
1. Provide the necessary documentation for the customer service employee
2. In case of completion of the requirements, receipt of documents and establishment of a service transaction
3. Selecting the mechanism for receipt of outputs
4 - Receiving outputs according to the time required for each service
5. Response to the happiness questionnaire (optional)

Abu Dhabi:

Abu Dhabi City Municipality Headquarter
Al Bateen Center
Mushrif Mall Center 
Abu Dhabi Marina Mall Center 
Abu Dhabi Chamber Center 
Al Shahama Center 
Al Mussafah Center
Al Wathba Center
Bawabat Al Sharq Mall Center
Muroor Food Distribution Centre
Mussafah Food Distribution Centre

Al Ain:

Alwagan center
Algoa' center
Mezyad Center
Al Heyar Center
Sowaihan Center
Al Showaib Center
Al Faga' Center
Al Maqam Center
Alkhazna Center
Ramah Center
Alsalamat Office
Al Yahar Office
Alain municipality Main building - Aljemi

Al Dhafra:

Alsela'a Center
Almarfa Center
Dalma Center
Ghayathi Center
Leywa Center
Madinat Zayed Center
1- ID Card
2-  Redemption from the mortgagor
3- Power of Attorney for authorized deputy, if any
4- Attendance Authorized Signatory of the mortgagor