Issue Land Verification Certificate (Al Ain)

This service aims at issuing certificate at the request of the client indicating the land or real estate data to show restrictions such as mortgage or registered investment

access_time Time to Complete 20
tag_img Service Fee: AED 100 per each plot

Process Description

Green Flag:
Fee Payment
Print certificate

without Green Flag: 
Fee Payment
waiting step
Print certificate

Al Ain:

Alwagan center
Algoa' center
Mezyad Center
Al Heyar Center
Sowaihan Center
Al Showaib Center
Al Faga' Center
Al Maqam Center
Alkhazna Center
Ramah Center
Alsalamat Office
Al Yahar Office
Alain municipality Main building - Aljemi
1- ID Card
2- Trade Licence, for companies
3- Power of Attorney for authorized deputy, if any