Design approval for the infrastructure projects in the territorial waters (Abu Dhabi)

To obtain approval on detailed design drawings for infrastructure  projects in territorial waters in coordination with the relevant authorities

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Process Description

1- Provide the necessary documentation to the customer service employee or through available channels
2- In case of completion of the requirements, receipt of documents and establishment of a service transaction
3- Selecting the mechanism for receipt of outputs
4 - Receiving outputs according to the time required for each service
5- Response to the happiness questionnaire (optional)

Abu Dhabi City Municipality Headquarter
Al Bateen Center
Mushrif Mall Center 
Abu Dhabi Marina Mall Center 
Abu Dhabi Chamber Center 
Al Shahama Center 
Al Mussafah Center
Al Wathba Center
Bawabat Al Sharq Mall Center
Muroor Food Distribution Centre
Mussafah Food Distribution Centre
"• A textbook of the project owner or owner of the asset 
• An outline of the site showing the proposed location of the work 
• Colour photographs of the site and assets on site
• The layout and depth of the JSAT sites 
• Additional engineering documents are required to obtain the appropriations according to the nature and type of the project.  "