Demarcation Of Plot Corners, First Time (Al Ain)

Carrying out a field visit to the site to mark corners of plots whatever their uses are, or placing signs at the plot corners for the following purposes:

1- Construction allowed
2- Examination (soil testing - levelling - removing obstacles)
3- Demarcation of temporary plots (ranches- sea rest houses - temporary sites)
4- In case of mosques, the direction of tribal shall be identified.
5- Re-demarcation

access_time Time to Complete 3
tag_img Service Fee: AED 100

Process Description

Service delivery procedure:
1- Provide the necessary documentation for the customer service employee
2- In case of completion of the requirements, receipt of documents and establishment of a service transaction
3- Selecting the mechanism for receipt of outputs
4 - Receiving outputs according to the time required for each service
5- Response to the happiness questionnaire (optional)

Apply through the Abu Dhabi Government Portal or Smart Application:
1- Registration in the portal (if not already registered)
2- Access the profile
3- Selecting the service and loading attachments (necessary documents)
4- Choose the method of receipt
5- Receiving outputs according to the time required for each service
6- Response to the happiness questionnaire (optional)

Alwagan center
Algoa' center
Mezyad Center
Al Heyar Center
Sowaihan Center
Al Showaib Center
Al Faga' Center
Al Maqam Center
Alkhazna Center
Ramah Center
Alsalamat Office
Al Yahar Office
Alain municipality Main building - Aljemi
1- Application form of Demarcation of plot corners
2- A copy of the lands' owner ID or the legal agency in case the service is requested by the agent
3- Letter of assignment of the owner to the consultant.
4- A copy of the consultant engineer's card (architectural or civil), which is the candidate for receiving the land and the identity card or the workers' list..
5- Copy of the work card of the contractor engineer (civil only, the candidate to receive the land or the workers).
6- Attach a copy of the value of the design level of the road from the road management in the case of the road does not exist (not exceeding 6 months from the date of issuance)
7- A book from the leasing department that the land does not apply to the withdrawal decision (for industrial land)
8- A letter from the beneficiary with the land, consultant and contractor (for land and public utilities)