Death certificate of animals that died inside slaughterhouses

Issuing health certificates for live animals and slaughtered meat unsuitable for human use, animal waste, dead animals and those that have been killed inside the slaughterhouses of the municipality as requested by the customers

access_time Time to Complete 60
tag_img Service Fee: Without fees

Process Description

Service delivery procedure:
1- Provide the necessary documentation for the customer service employee
2- In case of completion of the requirements, receipt of documents and establishment of a service transaction
3- Selecting the mechanism for receipt of outputs
4 - Receiving outputs according to the time required for each service
5- Response to the happiness questionnaire (optional)

Apply through the Abu Dhabi Government Portal or Smart Application:
1- Registration in the portal (if not already registered)
2- Access the profile
3- Selecting the service and loading attachments (necessary documents)
4- Choose the method of receipt
5- Receiving outputs according to the time required for each service
6- Response to the happiness questionnaire (optional)

Abu Dhabi :

Abu Dhabi Slaughterhouse
bany yas Slaughterhouse
Al Wathba Slaughterhouse
Al Shahama Slaughterhouse 

Al Ain :

public Abattoir
commercial Slaughterhouse
alfage Slauterhouse
Alheyar Slaughterhouse
Alyahar Slaughterhouse
Suwaihan Sloughtehouse
alwagen Slaughterhouse
Algoa' Slaughterhouse

Al Dhafra :

Alsela'a Slaughterhouse
Ghayathi Slaughterhouse
Leywa Slaughterhouse
Almarfa Slaughterhouse


1- ID card
2- Commercial license (for business)