The PAUDS program was designed as a dynamic knowledge-exchange platform to educate on important trends and opportunities for partnerships in the region. The focused nature of PAUDS ensured insightful outcomes that maximized the value of data partnerships to the urban managers of the region.

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The program of the Symposium included:

Keynote presentations and debates featuring influential leaders and inspiring speakers

Networking opportunities with experts, investors, and private sector companies

An Ideas_Lab to explore critical priorities, new trends and opportunity gaps for urban development experts

Time Details
09:45 PM ص
Opening Address

Urban Development 2.0

10:00 AM ص

Special Address

10:15 AM ص
Opening Session

Cities of Opportunities: Connecting Culture and Innovation

11:00 AM ص

Introduction to the PAUDS Ideas_Lab

11:15 AM ص

Networking Break

11:30 AM ص

PAUDS Ideas_Lab

02:30 PM ص

Networking Lunch

03:30 PM ص

Launch of the Arab City of Opportunity Report

03:45 PM ص

Arab Cities: Resilience and Tolerance

04:30 PM ص

Networking Break

04:45 PM ص

Presentation of the PAUDS Ideas_Lab Outcomes

04:50 PM ص

Data Partnerships to Solve Arab Urban Challenges