Water Fixtures and Fittings

This product category applies to PVRS credit PW-R1: Minimum Interior Water Use Reduction and can assist for the optional credit PW-1 Improved Interior Water Use Reduction to achieve a higher Pearl rating. These credits require manufacturer information of all proposed water fixtures and fittings indicating flow rates at a specified pressure. Following feedback from consultants, manufacturer data is often not supplied at the specified pressure and researching manufacturer data can often be time consuming.

PW-R1 Requirements

PW-R1: Minimum Water Use Reduction of the PVRS requires the specification and installation of fixtures and fittings which have the maximum flow rates at specified pressures listed below:

Fixture or Fitting

Maximum flowrate or quantity

Bathroom Taps

6.0 litres/min at 413.7 kPa (reference pressure)

Shower Head

9.5 litres/min at 551.6 kPa (reference pressure)

Kitchen Taps

6.0 litres/min at 413.7 kPa (reference pressure)


6.0 litres/min at 413.7 kPa (reference pressure)

Toilets (Dual Flush)

6.0/4.0 litres/flushing cycle (full/low)


Submission Process

In order to demonstrate compliance with the credit requirements, project teams can either use the standard submittal templates with all supporting documentation or the EVPD Submittal Template : Water Fixtures and Fittings below.

This spreadsheet contains a complete schedule that is automatically generated including all relevant information for inclusion for the PW-R1 submission as follows:

  • Manufacturer
  • EVPD and Manufacturer Reference Numbers
  • Flow Rate at Required Pressure

If you want to use a product that is not on the EVPD, please follow the Conventional Villa Product Selection Pathway

Estidama Villa Product Database - Water Fixtures & Fittings

The Estidama Villa Product Database (EVPD)-Water Fixtures provides the following information:

  • Manufacturer name
  • EVPD Reference
  • Image of product
  • Model
  • Manufacturer's product reference number
  • Summary details
  • Flow rates at required pressures (or flush volumes)
  • Sales contact details.

The following link contains the latest Estidama Villa Product Database for Water Fixtures.

The links below contains information on each company, sales distribution details and where products can be purchased within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.