Air Conditioning Equipment

This product category applies to PVRS credits RE-R1: Minimum Energy Performance and RE-R3: Ozone Impacts of Refrigerants and can assist in the requirements for the optional credits RE-1: Improved Energy Performance to achieve a higher Pearl Rating.

RE-R1 and RE-R3 Requirements

RE-R1 Minimum Energy Performance requires the specification of air-conditioning units to have a minimum Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 3.4. RE-R3 Ozone Impacts of Refrigerants requires that all refrigerants contained in the site boundary have an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero.

RE-1 Requirements

To achieve a higher number of Pearls, RE-1 Improved Energy Performance may be pursued, which requires a minimum COP of 3.8.

Submission Process

In order to demonstrate compliance with the credit requirements, project teams can either use the standard submittal templates with all supporting documentation or the EVPD Submittal Template : Air Conditioning Systems below.

This spreadsheet contains a complete unit schedule that will automatically be generated including all relevant information for inclusion in the RE-R1 submission as follows:

  • EVPD Reference

  • Manufacturer name

  • Manufacturer's Model and Product Reference number

  • Unit's Duty

  • Unit's COP

  • Type of Refrigerant

If you want to use a product that is not on the EVPD, please follow the Conventional Villa Product Selection Pathway.

The Estidama Villa Product Database (EVPD) - Air Conditioning Systems provides the following information:

  • Manufacturer name

  • EVPD Reference

  • Unit Type

  • Manufacturer's product model number

  • Duty of the unit

  • Coefficient of Performance

  • Type of refrigerant

  • Warranty

  • Lead time

  • Contractor Compliance Scheme

  • Installation Services

  • Sales Contact Details

The following link contains the latest Estidama Villa Product Database for Air Conditioning Systems:

Manufacturers and distributors who have successfully collaborated with the DPM and have their products listed on the Estidama Villa Product Database (EVPD)-Air Conditioning Systems are listed below in alphabetical order: