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DPM Unveils New Landmark Projects Designed to Improve Livability and Quality of Life in at Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2019

The Abu Dhabi Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities (DPM) will be unveiling a number of exciting new projects at this year’s Cityscape Exhibition on the 16th April 2019. At the Exhibition and under the banner of “Transforming Our Abu Dhabi”, DPM will be presenting a range of landmark projects and initiatives to be phased in over the next three years that are aimed at raising the quality of life and well-being in the city under the Ghadan 2021 Plan and its ‘Livability’ pillar.

H.E. Falah Al Ahbabi, Chairman of DPM said: “Transforming Our Abu Dhabi” is a catalyst for action, shaping Abu Dhabi’s objective of becoming the number one place to live and visit. With these new developments our goal is to raise the quality of parks and natural attractions in our city, enhance vibrancy year-round through events, maximize connectivity, promote inclusion and a greater engagement in a healthier lifestyle for all. We are transforming Abu Dhabi into one of the best places in the world to live, do business and visit by investing in sustainable urban development, seamless mobility solutions and cultural infrastructure.”

H.E. Falah Al Ahbabi, continued: “The Government aims to accelerate the transformation of Abu Dhabi’s economic model into an innovation driven economy by 2021. One that is even more dynamic, knowledge-based and globally integrated. One where the city is a driver for growth, where sustainable development and entrepreneurial culture thrive and where private enterprise prospers.”

ADIO (Abu Dhabi Investment Office) is playing an influential role in studying and approving early stage Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), launching tenders for projects, monitoring and supervising their implementation. To improve livability of areas, ADIO is developing new parking facilities and participating in the redevelopment of existing public spaces by adding retail and other social components. Furthermore, DPM has created a ‘Real Estate Investment Guide’ to help boost transparency in the Abu Dhabi real estate market. The guide will help investors navigate laws and regulations and better understand the roles played by the various government institutions. The guide also puts a special focus the responsibilities and obligations of developers to preserve the rights of all parties. Through this approach DPM is creating a best practice environment designed to attract new investors and maintain a dynamic and orderly real estate market.  


Over the last 10 years, Abu Dhabi has evolved rapidly thanks to strategic investments, new landmark buildings and developments designed to deliver the forward-thinking vision laid out by the UAE’s wise leadership and make Abu Dhabi one of the most ‘livable cities’ in the world by 2021. As part of the improved livability goals under “Transforming Our Abu Dhabi”, key accessibility and transport programs will be brought forward to improve accessibility and connectivity for residents and visitors. To this end, the partnering with DOT for the purpose of designing a range of mobility and maritime hubs including cycling and walking paths, water taxi berths and water ways map.

Integrating sustainable urban development into the unique cultural identity of Abu Dhabi is key to furthering these goals. Under the theme “Cities of Opportunities: Connecting Culture and Innovation” the tenth World Urban Forum (WUF10) that will be hosted in Abu Dhabi in February 2020, will specifically address this concern. At Cityscape, DPM is hosting visitors at a specially-designed WUF Lounge to share more information on the goals of WUF10 and its impact on Abu Dhabi. During Cityscape, DPM will also be sharing the outcomes of the first Pan-Arab Urban Development Symposium (PAUDS) that gathered more than 100 urban experts from Arab cities around the world in Abu Dhabi on March 31st. PAUDS was a pioneering initiative initiated by H.E. Falah Al Ahbabi, Chairman of DPM and supported by UN-Habitat to shape the Arab agenda that DPM will present at WUF10. 

Commenting on the Symposium H.E. Falah Al Ahbabi said: “It was the first time that leading urban experts from all over the Arab world have collaborated to solve some of the long-term challenges in creating sustainable Arab cities. Specifically, the Pan-Arab Urban Development Symposium represents an important milestone in determining the priorities for our region and ensuring that they will be considered by the global community at the next edition of the World Urban Forum”.

All the projects DPM being developed under the theme of “Transforming Our Abu Dhabi” are designed to ensure a strong, inclusive and cohesive society. Aligned with its mission “We plan and provide Services for a better future”, DPM has therefore developed a ‘Community Engagement Strategy’ to identify ways to engage with the community and understand its needs and expectations. As part of this, DPM will be launching an online survey at Cityscape to measure the perception and impact of the various “Transforming Our Abu Dhabi” projects within the community. The survey is designed to inspire citizens and increase their involvement with Abu Dhabi’s sustainable development vision.

Another core component of ‘Transforming Our Abu Dhabi” is capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the development of digital and smart technologies to implement innovative and impactful new municipal services to serve newly identified needs. DPM has recently launched an innovative Smart Hub Platform accessible to the three municipalities in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra. Smart hub is an integrated digital platform that provides a complete set of systems and services for municipal, government, private and public customers. It provides wide array of ‘smart services’ enabling users to rapidly process transactions and obtain relevant information electronically. 

One of DPM’s key priorities is to ensure that public services, adequate infrastructure and opportunities for economic growth are widely distributed throughout the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. DPM works closely with the Municipalities and constantly adjusts its projects to fit the evolving needs of the community. The goal of “Transforming Our Abu Dhabi” is to roll out a three-year development program in a consistent manner throughout the three regions, tailoring the different projects to suit local demands. This vision is consistent with the creation of Complete Sustainable Communities (CSC) developed by DPM in accordance with the founding principles of the Abu Dhabi Plan that aim to genuinely enhance the livability of the communities.

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